I am an architect, artist, and designer currently situated in the quaint town of Shanghai, China. This site is merely a medium for my work, as well as observations and musings on my surroundings and environment.

I am passionate about craft, innovation, and socially conscious design. I do not settle for mediocrity and believe firmly that through a willingness to experiment, beauty and inventiveness can be achieved with even the smallest budget or the most difficult constraints. I promote the idea that sustainability and connection to the site and landscape shouldn’t be a separate path or point of discussion during the design process; they should be integral to every aspect of the design from a project’s conception. I desire to work in an environment where I will be continually challenged, developing my skills as an architect while contributing to the growth and evolution of the design profession.


Please  feel  free to contact  me  with  comments,  feedback,  and  employment inquiries

Email:  serena.gardiner@gmail.com


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