The Ironic Sweater Market: Because Deep Down, We’re All Wannabe Hipsters

Are you one of those people who shops at Urban Outfitters and will gladly fork over $50 for a t-shirt with some obscure 80’s icon (like this!) Well then the Ironic Sweater Market is for you! The Anxi Clothing Market lovingly received its nickname due to the vast abundance of adorable and often hideous clothing items, and you can find anything from be-dazzled jeggings to hilarious t-shirts printed with colorful Engrish phrases. Something that a teenage hipster would purchase from a thrift store (or Urban Outfitters) and wear ironically back home are here in China worn proudly and honestly with such naive confidence that you catch yourself wondering, shit yeah, why CAN’T I wear a sweater printed with horses and American flags if I want, dammit!”

The best part is that all of these amazing items can be purchased dirt cheap, and bargained down even more. Forget $50 crappy t-shirts that were made in China anyways, this is the real thing folks.

I’ll take one in every color!

The market is located in a more obscure neighborhood at Kaixuan Lu and Anshun Lu. You can get there by metro on Line 3/4 and get off at either West Yan’an or Hongqiao (also on Line 10). It’s hard to miss; the market is located in a giant hangar-like building, and there are countless other stalls and markets across the street. Even if you’re not interested in going just to witness the ridiculous-ness  first hand, it’s actually a great place to find super cheap items like luggage, shoes, coats, and even some surprising vintage finds. Be prepared for  crowded stalls and having to haggle and bargain prices down. It’s definitely worth the trip, and if you need that perfect gift for your hipster friend back home, this place is pure gold. Enjoy!

Every kind of fake fur your heart could ever desire!

For the dad in all of us….

I think someone got a little too excited with the BeDazzler.

Is it weird that this lovely composition gave me a craving for peeps?
 The main entry of the market.

One of the endless aisles.

*Side Note: Please forgive the quality of the point and shoot just isn’t doing it for me anymore. In the very, very near future I will be investing in a new camera and hope to improve the quality of photos for my lovely audience. Cheers!


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  1. i love markets, you can always find hidden treasures that you would never find anywhere else! and this one looks very cool, thanks for sharing 🙂

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