The Catie Lo-down

A few months back, while meandering through the French Concession on one of my morning runs, I caught a glimpse of a shop so lovely it literally made me stop in my tracks. In the dim window I discerned sparkling baubles, lacy hems, a weathered old piano, and even a pair of vintage Valentino heels resting carelessly on wooden plank floors. It became my mission to make my way back during daylight hours. When I finally did return, the shop, called Catie Lo, lived up to my expectations, so much so that I just had to share it with the masses.

In the ground floor of an old lanehouse on Wukang Lu,  one passes through a gate and beautiful garden space to enter the store.  Inside is a treasure trove of lovely, delightful objects and both rustic and art-deco inspired decoration, very akin to what Anthropologie should have been, had it not become a mainstream chain store now found in every suburb of America. All of the decor consisted of refurbished gear, from the old piano used to display merchandise to the magnificent wardrobes containing a plethora of clothing and accessories, both new and old. The shop is owned by Beijing Native of the same moniker Catie Lo.

Beyond the merchandise itself, thoughtful design seems to have gone into all aspects of the presentation. Besides many items hung within gorgeous armoires or laid out in brightly colored suitcases, jewelry was strewn about on an old baby carriage, paintings displayed on velvety chaises, and shoes arranged in a circle on the worn wood floor.

The shop sells vintage alongside many young indie labels, from Shanghai to Europe, One of favorite local brands is Nana & Bird, whose beautiful earrings caught my eye and were my one and only purchase of the day. Although most of the items in the store are far from cheap, it is definitely worth checking out just for the delightful experience (there is even free coffee, found alongside the goldfish in an old jar).

My favorite items were the row of colorful skirts, color coordinated and arranged by length, which I hope to go back for soon (they were all 1000 rmb+, so I like to think of one as an “investment” piece).

So far, this is my favorite shop in Shanghai, and maybe of all time. It is wonderful to see unique shops and independent designers emerging and flourishing in Shanghai, a city which definitely has some catching up to do in that field compared to cities like Portland and San Francisco. I’m sure however, there are many wonderful places hidden away throughout the city, and  I plan to continue discovering and documenting such wonderful gems as Catie Lo.

Earrings by Nana & Bird

Catie Lo
Address: 105 Wukang Road, near Fuxing Road
Telephone: 186-1024-6093
Opening Hours: 12.30pm to 8pm daily


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