Have you ever wondered…

What can 10 bucks get me in China? Well, by golly, I have an answer for you!  Check out what I bought at the local grocery store, all for the low, low price of 70 rmb (okay, actually about $11). I’m guessing this is at least half the price of what I might pay at some place like Fred Meyer or Safeway back home.

1 Jug of water (4L)

1 Bottle of Suntory beer (580 mL)

1 box of some-sort-of-flower flavored tea (32 bags)

1 bag of chewy snacks

1 dozen eggs (supposedly free range!)

1 bottle of gum (60 pieces, and yes, gum comes in bottles here)

1 container of yogurt (180 g)

1 box of crackers

1 tube of toothpaste

3 utility hooks

Keep in mind I live in the most expensive city in China, in the most central part of the most expensive neighborhood…still not bad though. Also please note, this is a totally random shopping trip. My diet here does not consist of mostly eggs, crackers, beer and toothpaste. Mostly.


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