The Adventure Begins….

Well folks, it’s been about 3 months since my first and only post back in the good ‘ol U-S-of-A, and since then I have been catapulted into a fantastic new culture and lifestyle which I am utterly in love with. I am beginning to get this blog and it’s design back up to speed, and hopefully will post my new adventures more frequently. In the meantime, for all of my millions of fans reading this, I will catch you up with a smattering of randomness from both my last days in the City of Roses and my new experiences and first impressions of the glorious People’s Republic of China (to be completely P.C., of course). As I attempt to catch up and get settled in, for now here are a few photos which I feel capture the essence of life in Shanghai, the city that constantly shifts, deconstructs, and evolves at breakneck speed. I am exhilarated.

Above: Literally outside my door. It’s better than Vegas, baby. Yan’an Elevated Road, with the Shanghai Exhibition Center at right.

The Pearl Oriental Tower, looking east towards The Bund and Pudong.

A colorful, checkered array…..

Stay tuned.


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